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About Florida Road Striping

Florida Road Striping is an essential part of our publics safety. Road Striping indicates the road and lane boundaries, passing and non-passing zones, pedestrian crossings, and control the flow of traffic. When stripes begin to fade or weather, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to repaint the stripes. Florida Road Striping has the right tools and equipment to quickly create quality cost effective road stripes.  Using our reflective paints allows drivers to easily see the road lines in poor weather conditions or during the night.

We use the finest materials and paints with our lines so they last. Wether it be thermoplastic or premium sealcoating your parking garage or parking lot will look fantastic.

We're one of Florida's largest sellers and installers of parking lot bumpers. We align and secure parking bumpers so your property and the property of your customers remains safe.

We also offer custom painting for parking blocks and pylons including numbers, words, and information. Contact us today for a free estimate and information to help with your project.



Parking Garage Striping, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Airports, Driveways. and Parking Lots, Parking lot Maintenance & Road Rehabilitation, Bike Lanes, Pedestrian Cross Walks, Car Stops, Traffic Signs, Speed Bumps , State & Government Roads , Double Yellow & Edge Lines, Thermoplastic Striping, Sign Installation & Traffic Control, Fire Lanes & Tow A Way Zones, Reflective Signage,  Seal Coating and much more. 

About Garage Line Striping

Pavement Line Marking assists your visitors in the safe and a more problem-free parking lot. At Florida Road Striping we clearly mark parking spots, handicap-accessible parking spaces, directional arrows, curbs, and crosshatching to optimize customer flow in and out of the parking lot. This is essential for safety, along with reducing owner liability.

Types of Striping Services

Florida Road Striping offers a vast variety of striping services in the South Florida area. Parking Garage Striping, Parking Lots, Highways, Driveways, Seal Coating, Line Striping, Sidewalk Repair, Car Stops Installation, and more. Quality controlled striping services for The State of Florida. Call now for a free estimate!

About Florida Road Striping

Florida Road Striping has nearly three decades of combined experience in the field of road striping. And because the owner will personally be involved in your project, you can count on our experience and knowledge to deliver you a great final product.

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